The bûche de noël is redesigned in the shapes and colours of the artworks at the Four Seasons Hotel Megève

25 September 2018

While strolling through the hotel andadmiring its countless works of art, Jérôme Berdelou, Pastry Chef at the gourmet restaurant Le 1920**, and Maëva Gravouil, his assistant, were inspired to create a unique Bûche de Noël cake for the Four Seasons Hotel Megève. Their attention was drawn to the strong yet simple lines of the lighting fixtures with their bunch of grapes and hexagon shapes decorating the hotel’s corridors.

“The idea was to create a bûche that would be in keeping with the establishment’s rich artistic heritage and Edmond de Rothschild Heritage’s expertise. The bunch of grapes are a nod to the family’s wine activities,” explains Jérôme Berdelou.

A tribute to the Chocolat Nyangbo, a onetime dessert at the gourmet restaurant Le 1920, this bûche is made using a single-origin Valrhona chocolate from the Cuvées du Sourceur in Bali. A limited edition from a small-scale producer and reserved for an exclusive circle of customers. Butter from the Rothschild family’s Domaine des 30 Arpents, hazelnuts from Piedmont, caramel, fleur de sel and dried fruit subtly blend with this exceptional chocolate to bring out its aromas.

A perfectly balanced array of warm, coppery colours, the delicate shapes are broken and left to melt under the palate at the end of the meal. The cocoa explodes delicately in the mouth. Underneath, foamy, creamy and wafery layers of chocolate contrast with this crunchiness for an instant sensation of delight.

Maxime Bastard, Director Le 1920** restaurant, recommends pairing a Champagne Barons de Rothschild 2008 vintage with this dessert.

“This Champagne reflects the elegance of Chardonnay and the vivacity of Pinot Noir, all from an excellent year. Its brightness and freshness will counterbalance the bitterness of this outstanding chocolate, its fine bubbles will invigorate the sweetness of the caramel, and its buttered notes will be a perfect match to the texture of the almond.”

The bûche will be offered at the Le 1920** gastronomic restaurant and will also be available for sale in a limited edition for €80. (Bûche de Noël for four people. Order at least 48 hours in advance.)

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